Wacker Neuson compaction plates

Compaction is an important element of many on-site tasks. Our team will be happy to help you make the right decision when it comes to sourcing plant. We’ll learn your requirements and will recommend an array of suitable options from the Wacker Neuson product range.

What is a Wacker plate?

Wacker Neuson has earned international recognition for its compaction equipment, with a history of innovation and expertise that stretches all the way back to the 1930s. In 1973, the company invented the first reversible vibratory plate, and this technology has been embraced on construction sites ever since. The Wacker name has become synonymous with compaction plates inside and outside the industry, leading many to refer to this equipment simply as a Wacker plate.

Wacker Neuson plate compactors for sale

Choose from a wide range of single direction and reversible compaction plates. Plant in this category varies in terms of operating width, performance, and manoeuvrability, ensuring that you’ll be able to find a suitable choice for your requirements.

  • BPS1030
  • BPS1135
  • BPS1340
  • BPS1550
  • BPS2050
  • WP1540
  • WP1550

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Additional options

There are several model variations and additional options that can cater to unique project requirements and make life easier on site.

  • Integrated water kit

    There are a number of Wacker Neuson models that have integrated water kits, such as the BPS1135BW, BPS1550BW, and WP1550AW. Perfect for asphalt, they eliminate the need to allocate additional resource towards spraying the path of the plate.

  • Remote control

    Wacker Neuson has developed a range of high-specification remote controlled compaction plates. The DPU80r and DPU110r models and their variations allow the operator to control the plate from a safe distance, avoiding noise pollution and exhaust emissions.

Wacker Neuson diesel plate compactors

A mainstay on construction sites, these diesel plate compactors are powerful, efficient, and easy to maintain due to their accessible design. As with other Wacker Neuson models, they retain their value and make highly economical investments.

  • DPU2540
  • DPU2550
  • DPU2560
  • DPU3050
  • DPU3060
  • DPU3750
  • DPU3760
  • DPU5545
  • DPU6555

Zero emission Wacker Neuson vibratory plates

There is a battery operated, zero emission equivalent to the entire Wacker Neuson BPS range. These state-of-the-art models reflect the latest in compaction technology, delivering the same performance as traditional engine-driven models without any of the exhaust emissions.

  • APS1030
  • APS1135
  • APS1340
  • APS1550
  • APS2050
  • APS2560

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Quality Equipment Since 1848 at Your Fingertips

At Gem Plant Sales, we’re proud to be your premier Wacker Neuson dealer. With a legacy dating back to 1848, Wacker Neuson is synonymous with unmatched quality and reliability in construction equipment. From cutting-edge compaction plates to robust excavators, our range is tailored to meet all your project needs.

Wacker Neuson Compaction Plates:

  • Overview:

    Internationally recognised for their compaction equipment, Wacker Neuson has been a leader in this field since the 1930s. Known as ‘Wacker plates’, these compaction plates come in various models for different requirements.

  • Models Available:

    Single direction and reversible compaction plates like BPS1030, BPS1135, BPS1340, BPS1550, BPS2050, WP1540, and WP1550.

  • Additional Options:

    Integrated water kits for models like BPS1135BW and remote-controlled plates like DPU80r. Diesel plate compactors such as DPU2540 and zero-emission vibratory plates like APS1030 are also available.

Unlock the full potential of your construction projects with Gem Plant Sales, your go-to source for Wacker Neuson’s exceptional range of equipment. Whether you’re compacting, lifting, digging, or moving materials, we have the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

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