We understand that no two construction projects are ever the same. Our team has a detailed knowledge of Wacker Neuson’s range of excavators and will be able to help you source the right product for your needs. We can help you with the entire lifecycle of your plant, from sourcing through to maintenance and repairs. You can rely on us.

Wacker Neuson Excavators For Sale

The newest generation of Wacker Neuson excavators has set new standards for the industry. Combining new development approaches with tried and tested innovations, this class of machinery has been comprehensively renewed down to the finest details. As a result, they promise even greater efficiency and performance.

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Conventional Swing Excavators

Wacker Neuson’s versatile product range covers a wide range of operating weights, including the 803 mini-excavator. You’ll be able to find a suitable excavator for any on-site requirement.

  • 803
  • ET16 canopy
  • ET16 cabbed
  • ET18
  • ET20
  • ET42
  • ET58
  • ET65
  • ET90
  • ET145

Zero swing Excavators

With a more compact rear profile, Wacker Neuson’s range of zero swing excavators is ideal for working in tight spaces. At the same time, they offer excellent operator comfort thanks to their spacious cabs.

  • EZ26
  • EZ17 canopy
  • EZ36
  • EZ50
  • EZ80

Wheeled Excavators

If mobility is an important part of your workflow, a wheeled excavator is the perfect choice. Their road travel mode makes it easy to travel from one site to another, avoiding potential disruption.

  • EW65
  • EW100

Zero emission Wacker Neuson excavators

Wacker Neuson’s commitment to innovation has led to the development of several zero emission models. This includes the popular dual-power 803 mini-excavator, which can operate via an electro-hydraulic power unit without compromising performance. This class of machinery is ideal for inner-city projects where noise and emissions are a concern.

  • 803 Dual Power
  • EZ17e

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Quality Equipment Since 1848 at Your Fingertips

At Gem Plant Sales, we’re proud to be your premier Wacker Neuson dealer. With a legacy dating back to 1848, Wacker Neuson is synonymous with unmatched quality and reliability in construction equipment. From cutting-edge compaction plates to robust excavators, our range is tailored to meet all your project needs.

Wacker Neuson Excavators:

  • Range:

    Includes conventional swing excavators (e.g., 803, ET16), zero swing excavators for tight spaces (e.g., EZ26), wheeled excavators for mobility (e.g., EW65), and zero-emission models like the 803 Dual Power.

  • Features:

    These excavators are renowned for their efficiency, performance, and durability.

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