T85 800kg payload

  • The hydrostatic drive enables easy and comfortable operation; powerful engines (gasoline or diesel).
  • Robust crawler design guarantees long service life with low wear and tear.
  • Optimal ratio between low net weight and maximum payload.
  • Compact dimensions (780mm), ideal for working in confined spaces and making its way through standard doors; high ground clearance.
  • The rubber track and the optimum weight distribution reduce the ground pressure and prevent damage to delicate surfaces. The tailor-made cooling system guarantees safe operation of the machine in high-temperature conditions.

Hydrostatic Drive System

C&F’s track dumper T85 can be maneuvered on any surface with centimeter-accuracy, thanks to its compact dimensions and precision control. Its 800 kg payload and width of only 780mm makes the T85 the ideal addition to any rental fleet.

Simply start and off you go: Thanks to the hydrostatic drive system, no frequent gear changing is required and the operator can focus entirely on his work. Ideal for rental parks with ease of use thanks to the servo control system – the only tracked dumper that offers this.

Valuable time can be saved during maintenance and therefore money can also be saved. The better and faster the access to the hydraulics or engine are, the faster the machine is back in application.