ET90 The economic powerhouse

  • Precise and sensitive operation thanks to the load sensing hydraulic system with LUDV (load-independent flow control)*
  • Low consumption due to the economical ECO mode
  • Up to 5 auxiliary control circuits for the most varied attachments
  • Extremely compact and maneuverable
  • Maintenance and service made easy due to the tiltable cabin as well as the diagnostic tool

Up To 20% Less Fuel Consumption!

The fuel consumption of the ET90 is up to 20 percent lower than with comparable models – this reduces the operating costs significantly. At the same time, it scores in applications with an excellent engine and hydraulic performance. This efficient combination provides for first-class digging power with up to 20% more bucket breakaway force. Conversely, the economical load sensing hydraulic system allows for finely controllable lifting arm movements with a full performance at the same time. Whether power or precision – the ET90 is exactly the right excavator for any application.