BH55RW Two stroke petrol engine

  • 55 joules of single stroke impact energy
  • 1,350 blows per minute
  • Specially designed for use in track construction
  • 4.5 m/s² hand-arm vibrations*

Specially Designed For Use In Track Construction

The BH55rw gasoline demolition hammer provides ideal conditions for use in track construction, because railroad ballast must always be reworked to maintain the railway network. The tamping requires a rather gentle force, because the ballast may not be damaged during tamping. However, a certain percussion rate is required so that the ballast is properly compacted. The BH 55rw offers this combination. The “rw” ending here stands for “railway” and refers to the 1,350 blows per minute with 55 joules of single stroke impact energy. It is an ideal combination of percussion rate and power for the special requirements on the track.