DPU4545 Medium weight

  • The innovative center pole provides for very low hand-arm vibration (HAV) and therefore optimizes the user friendliness.
  • Variable operating widths through different extension plates
  • Extensive comfort functions, such as low oil shutdown, self-adjusting V-belts, maintenance-free alternator.
  • A large dimensioned diesel engine offers sufficient power reserves and ensures for a high level of efficiency and long service life.
  • Compatec: Easy-to-read display of the relative compaction progress. Warning for overload and over-compaction. Brightness adjustment of the lights to the ambient light. Extremely sturdy and reliable.

Quickly And Reliably To The Destination

Thanks to its excellent compaction force combined with a quick forward and reverse travel direction, the DPU4545 offers a high level of productivity. It is an all-rounder for all job sites where high demands are placed on the performance efficiency of a unit. In addition, it offers excellent characteristics in terms of service life and operating comfort. Optimal application areas are the compaction of frost coverings and subbases in street, path and parking lot construction as well as backfilling buildings. Thanks to a frequency of 69 Hz, the DPU4545 is universally applicable and even reliably compacts medium-weight interlocking paving stones. The model version DPU4545Hec is equipped with Compatec, the compaction control by Wacker Neuson.

The specially designed center pole from Wacker Neuson generates very low hand-arm vibration (HAV) below 2.5 m/s².
This allows for a continuous operation all day long without impairment and without hazard to the end user.
All documentation requirements are omitted if an operator works only with equipment that has acceleration values below 2.5 m/s².