RTLX-SC3 Trench Roller

  • Articulated joint increases maneuverability
  • Below the axle exciter in each drum improves compaction
  • Low center of gravity improves stability
  • High and low compaction force
  • Flexible drum allows convenient conversion of drum width to fit job needs.
  • Maintenance-free lower end
  • Engine control module with diagnostic LEDs

Articulated Joint Increases Maneuverability

Infrared Remote Controlled Trench Roller With Flexible Drum Width For Soil Compaction, Kubota Engine

Remote Control

Infrared technology requires operator to maintain line-of-sight

Patented three receiving eye design eliminates provides uninterrupted operation

Machine stops moving and vibrating if line of sight is lost or operator comes within one meter of roller’s receiving eyes

16-channel transmission allows multiple rollers to be operated on job without interference