DPU90 Heavy plates

  • Intuitive control handle, direction change by moving the handle forward and backward
  • Center pole height is adjustable without tools
  • Low hand-arm vibrations, below 2.5 m/s², allows for 8 hours of application by the same operator
  • Low overall height for compact working and transport dimensions
  • Center pole quick lowering for passing below obstacles, direct reset to previous operator position
  • Sturdy, two-piece steel frame hood, lockable
  • Fold-down lifting eye, optimally shaped for using various tackle
  • Start at the push of a button, automatic start after the warm-up phase prevents a cold start that stresses the machine

Heavy Vibratory Plate With Outstanding Properties In Terms Of Operating Comfort, Sturdiness And Transport.

Reversible vibratory plate with diesel engine, electric starter and machine protection for the highest requirements on performance, sturdiness and operating comfort in soil compaction. Operating width 770 mm.