DW15E The electric wheel dumper with all-wheel drive

  • Small dimensions and high performance, equivalent to our conventional Dumper 1501
  • Very low noise emissions – ideal for noise sensitive areas
  • Two single electric engines, one for the drive system and one for the work hydraulics
  • Energy recovery during braking and downhill driving
  • On the safe side, with the optionally available backup alarm, rotating beacon and exterior mirrors

Very Low Noise Emissions

Emission-free thanks to electric drive, but with the same performance parameters as the conventional brother 1501, this is the zero emission wheel dumper DW15e. The electric drive makes this machine the ideal material handling support, wherever no exhaust or noise emissions is wanted or allowed, such as in inner citiy areas or building interiors. The four-wheel drive makes the DW15e a perfect partner for uneven or steep terrain. The articulated joint adapts to any unevenness and thus provides the necessary stability. A folding roll bar and the small dimensions make it unbeatable when it comes to transport.