EW100-2 Quickly on the go with the mobile excavator

  • The strong engine output brings the machine straight on the road. Acceleration and maximum speed are second to none, and this with high stability.
  • The high auxiliary hydraulics power ensures maximum efficiency even when using attachments. When several functions are used simultaneously, the power remains consistently high upon use of attachments.
  • The strong performance of the auxiliary hydraulics make it possible to operate a large selection of attachments with the machine, which increases efficiency on the construction site and optimizes work processes.

The Future Of Wheeled Excavators

The EW100 sets new standards in terms of performance, safety and comfort, considerably ahead of just about every other wheeled excavator in a drag race. The collaboration of attachment management and assistance systems with an optimized field of vision around the machine could not be better adapted to everyday construction site work. Preparations for 2D & 3D control systems are already installed in such a way that they can easily be retrofitted without adaptations, depending on the operator’s preference! And it is possible to operate every attachment without downturns with twice as much auxiliary hydraulics power.